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How to stay safe online

You wouldn't leave your home unprotected at night, so why make it easy for hackers and thieves to steal your financial information, or take over your computer?

Your computer is important for your day-to-day business. You can use it to surf the web, check emails, do your banking and of course shopping. However if you don’t protect your computer properly, you are putting yourself and possibly your family and friends at risk. Internet fraud is one of the fastest growing areas of illegal activity in the UK. You can take a few easy steps to ensure that your personal information is protected.


· Install and use a firewall and antivirus

· Reduce unwanted SPAM

· Ensure passwords are complicated and not directly associated with you.

· Don’t give out your passwords

· Don’t provide any personal information over email

· Use caution when opening attached files

· Stay safe when using IM or chat rooms


How safe is your child online?

We can't watch our children every second; however we still want to keep them safe. That's not always easy, especially when they're not under our supervision. At least when they are home, they are safe! Think again - are they? Not necessarily, for instance if your children online predators could be lurking anywhere. What we don't know

· Ensure computers are in a central area of the house. A lot of families these days aren’t allowing their children to have PCs in their room. This is a good idea. You or another member of your family will be able to monitor your child whilst they are online, also being in a shared open environment should help deter any suspicious activity.

· Turn on any Antivirus / Firewall feature that allows for internet monitoring If you have a router some can be configured with time restraints

· It’s best to always keep an eye on who your child is talking to with the computer in a shared area it's easier to monitor any IM / email(s) your children are doing.

· Suspicious Behaviour. Watch for suspicious behaviour and deal with it immediately. Does your child hide the screen, minimise the IM chat, or even shout at you when you’re in the room?

· Software to monitor and restrict internet usage. If you are worried you can check their IM logs and any emails. Invest in some software that restricts websites, times, activity and programs; especially if you can’t personally monitor your child’s activity.